Single Woman, Retiring Solo Is a Dream Retirement Life (but) With Proper Planning!

As a single woman, you are living your best life – travelling, indulging in self-care, exploring new things, and even kicking your career into high gear. Whether you have been married or not in the past, you have always been independent and living your life on your terms especially when it comes to financing. Over the years, you hustled, you bossed up, you created your own money and even became the ‘financial-stable man’ that your father wanted you to marry.

With more ‘space’ and ‘money’ to focus on yourself, did you know as a single woman you can have a dream life post your retirement too? Enjoy your future life filled with fun and adventure just like your life today? Have enough budget to spend and maintain your lifestyle even after you are old and not working?

Well, this dream retirement life is one step away from reality, if, you at your peak time of earning (which is today!) capitalize your earnings into a systematic retirement planning and then easily live your retired life happier, healthier, and wealthier without ever losing your peace of mind. Yes, something like a second source of income or in other words, passive income that follows in your account consistently whether you work actively or not.

So, How Does Proper Planning Help You Live a Dream Retirement Life When You Retire Solo?

You Won’t Have to Settle for Less

With or without children, if you are single and have a well-planned retirement corpus in the form of passive income that flows monthly in your account, your golden years won’t be gloomy and doomy but full of abundance and richness.

Just like your present-day, you won’t have to settle for anything less but cherish everything that you deserve; because money will flow the same way as it flows today in the form of earnings/salary. So, whether you want an expensive techy gadget or a vacation to your favourite city, you won’t have to compromise for anything less.

Not Just Medical Bills, You Will Also Have Enough for Alternative Therapies

We all love to try alternative therapies and treatments once in a while. So, while medical insurance can take care of the traditional medical needs, a regular source of passive income can give us enough financial freedom to enjoy alternative care like Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and also fund our Meditation, Yoga, and Spiritual retreats.

With Proper Retirement Planning for Passive Income, You Can Have an Active Social Life

With more time at your hand, it is quite evident that you would be wanting to fill it with hobbies, catching up with friends for monthly lunch/dinners, and even wanting to enroll in a course or a class that you always wanted to join but couldn’t due to a full-time job or a business to run.

While it can be difficult for those who do not plan their retirement to live such a life, it is a reality for those who do. In our last article, ‘You don’t have to be Rich to Retire Rich’ we have talked briefly about veteran actress Rekha, a living example of having a happy and blissful active social life with proper retirement planning.

You Can Still Give Back to the Community, Help Others and Be a Philanthropist

Over the years if you have been working to build your empire and simultaneously even giving back to the community, it is apparent that you are going to feel helpless and bad when you won’t be able to support your people anymore.

However, with regular income as part of your retirement corpus, you are always going to have that extra chunk to support your inner desires, which is, helping and contributing your best to society. So, while you pay your bills, live the same lifestyle and even splurge a little, you will always have enough money to donate; provided you know how to plan it smartly.

If not, there are financial planners who can plan your dream retirement life so that you can retire solo as successfully and happily as you foresee your future.

Lastly, with zero or fewer dependants, you as a single woman will always have more to save and more to spend, and that too without anyone’s interference.

Wondering how to start your retirement planning? Or have any questions that you seek clarifications on? How about consulting with us for a complete retirement planning solution tailored just for you at +91 9820926446/7977061717 or by reaching us at with your requirements? For other financial and investment planning check our service section here

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