You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Retire Rich!

Updated: Mar 11

What is common between Meena Kumari, Parveen Babi, Bhagwan Dada, Bharat Bhushan, and AK Hungal besides the fact that they all have worked in Bollywood? Well, even though these Bollywood personalities were rich, famous, and earned substantially in their prime days they gradually faded into oblivion in their last days – giving us some legendary riches to rags stories.

With no savings, no support, and no income at all they not only died poor but had a miserable life towards the end, something that we wouldn’t really want to imagine. Yes, a career in Bollywood (or for that matter any job) is short-lived but just assume what would have been their situation –

a. if they would have some sort of revenue even after they couldn’t sustain their career

b. could earn regular income even after retirement

c. could have done proper financial planning

In that case, neither Bhagwan Dada would have to sell his Juhu Bungalow and 7 cars only to stay in a Chawl nor Bharat Bhushan would have to work as a watchman to survive. Also, Meena Kumari along with AK Hungal could have easily paid their medical bills and Parveen Babi wouldn’t have gone into depression.

Look actress Rekha for instance, the diva has been living a luxurious life even after she has retired a long time ago. Often time people have been wondering about her source of income and even seen speculating the secret of her gracious life after retirement. What do you think is the major difference between the above Bollywood veterans that became poor in their later days and the Richie rich actress Rekha? It is undoubtedly the way she managed and planned her finance at the peak of her success starting from a very young age.

Now, look at the current situation of a self-made millionaire who has been generating steady income even after early retirement or those middle-class common men who may not have cashed high salaries in their prime days but much to our surprise is living the same life and maintaining the same lifestyle even after retirement.

My uncle Mr. Bhowmick for instance is one such man who is not only spending much more than his prime days on basic needs and lifestyle but even maintaining both his 3-BHK in Mumbai-Kolkata along with the maintenance of his cars while paying monthly maid salaries at both the places – not to forget the annual foreign trips.

Yes, You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Retire Rich and Earn Regular Income Even After Retirement!

Going by the above two examples of being rich but ending up poor and being not-so-rich still retiring rich makes one thing very clear – it isn’t how much we earn today, but how we plan that earnings are what makes the real difference. And that is precisely why retirement planning becomes so crucial for all of us irrespective of how much we earn.

Why do you think actress Rekha and Mr. Bhowmick is able to lead a happy, wealthy, and rich retirement life even after having no support system? Well, because the cash flow that they used to get earlier has still not stopped. While earlier it was in the form of salary, post-retirement it is in the form of an annuity plan. So, while all the world and the neighbors envy them and their lifestyle, it would only be right to state that they could retire rich only because they did proper financial planning, early in life.

It is no brainer that running out of cash and steady regular income is one of the major concerns of retirees. This is why it is quite essential to do systematic retirement planning at one’s peak time in order to earn regular income even after retirement.

There are quite a few retirement planning options available today. In case you want a customized solution with specific needs in mind, do not hesitate to call us at +91 9820926446/7977061717 or mail us at . For other financial and investment planning check our service section here

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